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I knew that they had me nailed when they started pressing me about 12 victims, but then they all were surprised that I actually killed I watched a show about me on TV. Denis, my classmate, told the camera: "When we learned that he had committed these crimes it was a shock.

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There is no motivation: neither race nor sex nor religion. I have never watched football.

ASP | Fresh From Mid East Victory, Putin Seeks African Diplomatic Coup American Security Project

No football, no hockey. I would like to live in Mexico. First, it is warm there, and secondly, there are forests. Maybe there I could live in a different way if I was there A man who claimed to be planning to kill enough people to fill each square of a chessboard has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Moscow. Alexander Pichushkin was convicted last month of 48 murders over the last 15 years in a park in the Russian capital that lent him his nickname 'the Bittsa Maniac'. The year-old had said he planned on killing 64 people — the number of squares on a chessboard — although he later said that he would have carried on killing if he had not been caught.

In court today the jury said that there were no mitigating circumstances in the former shop assistant's murders, and rejected a plea from defence lawyers, who were seeking a year jail-term, to clear him of 18 killings. Pichushkin, who claimed to have murdered more than 60 people, was said to have battered his victims to death with a hammer before dumping them in a sewage pit. Many were older homeless men, who he lured to their deaths with promises of free vodka. He was caught when his last victim, a woman, left his mobile phone number with her boyfriend.

In his televised confession the killer said that, for him, "life without murder is like a life for you without food".

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Russia has not executed anyone for 11 years, but the Pichushkin case has seen calls for the death penalty to be brought back. Custody for Moscow serial killer extended until September June 07 The court agreed with prosecutors that, Pichushkin, if at large, may go into hiding, hamper the investigation or destroy evidence. Also, the crime he has been charged with is particularly serious. Pichushkin claimed at the hearing that he was "a punctual and law-abiding citizen, who will immediately turn up for questioning once the investigator summons him.

The defendant denies his guilt. Pichushkin was detained on June 16, , with media stories referring to him as a "Bitsa maniac". Initially, he was charged with the murder of two women on April 11 and 13, , but Moscow prosecutors later ascertained his involvement in 46 murders. December 15 Moscow prosecutors have charged Alexander Pichushkin, 32, nicknamed Bitsa killer by the media in a reference to a locality where he had allegedly committed his crimes in recent months, with killing 49 people. Pichushkin has so far confessed to killing 62 people but investigators say they do not have sufficient proof to believe everything he says.

Investigators suspect the man does suffer from a certain mental disorder after all. At times he is very depressed and taciturn, at times he is quite cooperative and willing to talk to investigators, Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote. Alexander Pichushkin, a loader at a small grocery store in southwestern Moscow, was arrested in June of this year on suspicion of killing his colleague. Her body was found in Bitsa Park in mid-June, a day before his arrest. Pichushkin confessed to killing the woman and said that he had planned to kill as many as 64 people. Alexander Pichuzhkin, 32, has told police the murders began when he was If confirmed, they would make him the bloodiest serial killer in Russian history.

Prosecutors say they cannot confirm his claims, but some law enforcement sources believe there is evidence that he may have taken part in at least 18 murders.

Andrei Chikatilo, the Rostov Ripper, killed 53 people, many of them teenagers, in the southern Russian town between and Most of them — up to ten since September — had been beaten to death. The Russian media has given grisly details of the murders, including one in which a woman reportedly had little sticks inserted into her eyes.

The first was in He claimed that in February another man was arrested for the murders. Police said Friday that the bodies of two elderly men were recently found in Bittsevsky Park, indicating that a suspect arrested in late June may not be the serial killer linked to more than a dozen attacks in the park since December. The latest victims died after being repeatedly struck on the head -- the trademark style of the so-called Bittsevsky Maniac, a police spokesman said.

Police found the bodies in the southwestern Moscow park on June 30, several days after the killings. The spokesman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case, said that despite the latest deaths, investigators were continuing to investigate Alexander Pichuzhkin, 32, who was arrested June 15 on suspicion of killing two women in Bittsevsky Park several days earlier. Investigators have said Pichuzhkin confessed to killing 69 people.

Komsomolskaya Pravda reported Friday that the investigation into Pichuzhkin had been suspended after the latest deaths. The spokesman refused to provide details about the latest deaths. Pichuzhkin is charged with killing two women in a Bittsevsky-area grocery store where he once worked as a loader. Most targets of the other attacks in the park have been elderly men, suggesting that police have yet to track down the real serial killer. A source close to the investigation has said that Pichuzhkin is mentally unstable and might be claiming to be guilty of crimes he did not commit.

The hunt for the killer has been problematic. On Feb.

About officers were deployed there after police received a tip that a man resembling the killer had been spotted. The officers detained a suspect, but he pulled out a knife and managed to break free from his handcuffs. He then tried to flee.

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Police shot the man in the leg, and he was hospitalized. A police manhunt in a Moscow park where 16 bodies have turned up in the last nine months has ended with the arrest of a man who could turn out to be the most prolific serial killer in Russian history. He is estimated to have killed 52 women and children between and Police also found a large stash of pornography, much of it violent, though there is no evidence that he raped his victims. The shop assistant, an alcoholic loner reported to have never had any friends or girlfriends, has been quoted by the Russian media as telling police he killed for sport.

I killed for the sake of the process itself.

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He was arrested after a massive police manhunt for a serial killer — 16 bodies have been found in the last nine months in Bitsevsky Park in southwest Moscow. The killer followed what became a familiar pattern, striking his victims with a heavy object around the back of the head after drinking alcohol with them. Many of those he killed were elderly men and the murderer did not kill for financial gain, never taking money or belongings. His calling card was some form of mutilation.

Police got their big break after finding the body of a year-old woman in a river at Bitsevsky Park earlier this month. The woman later turned out to have worked in the same shop as Aleksander P. She had suffered several blows to her head and small wooden stakes had been driven through her eyes and into her skull. It later transpired that she had gone for a stroll in the park with Aleksander P that was to be her last.

Mikhail Popkov: Russian ex-cop jailed for 56 more murders

Crucially, she had left a note for her year-old son beforehand, telling him where she had gone and with whom. Though the authorities seem sure that he has murdered at least 10 victims they have yet to gather sufficient proof to back up his sensational claim that he has killed 61 people.

He has been taken back to Bitsevsky Park where he has successfully pinpointed where he buried some of his victims but the police are nowhere near recovering 61 bodies and in some cases have found only skulls. Suspected Moscow killer leads prosecutors to victim's remains. Alexander Pichuzhkin is suspected of killing at least ten people in the Bitsa Park area since Prosecutors said the latest discovery adds another victim to the toll. No less than 10, people are expected to attend, including thousands of businesspeople.

The event is a prime opportunity for Putin to make his case that Russia is unique because it has the will and means to pursue agreements that are mutually beneficial instead of exploitive. In his opening remarks, Putin stated Russia had more to offer than weapons and security agreements, and highlighted joint efforts in extraction, agriculture, healthcare, and education.

Africa has a lot to offer. It contains the largest deposits of rare earth materials outside China , and since its overall GDP has grown by 5. Russia has varied interests in the region, including arms sales, natural resources, and the opportunity to project its power. Over the past decade, trade with Africa has increased by percent.

Courting African nations allows Russia to challenge the U. Influence in Africa helps Russia resist international condemnation, such as when nearly half of African countries opposed or abstained from a UN General Assembly resolution on Crimea. Over the past five years, Russia secured 27 security cooperation deals with governments in Africa.

Russia is seeking to expand its military foot print, including pursuing basing rights in around six countries as well as a naval base. Since many of his victims were elderly and had a record of drug and alcohol addiction, police often did not know for months that someone was missing because no relatives came forward.

Russia suspended use of the death penalty under a moratorium. Sentencing is expected in the coming days. The prosecution said that Pichushkin had lured more than a dozen of his intended victims by saying he wanted company as he drank to the memory of a dead dog. In some cases, prosecutors said, Pichushkin had stuck vodka bottles into the shattered skulls of his dying victims to ensure they did not survive.